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Abstract - Social Networking Sites have developed rapidly, people have used it in different ways, positive ways or negative ways; but now, I want to do with my report for solving the ethical problems of Social Network. Social Network has affected our social life; the users of networking sites have developed the wsites as a place for sharing their information, interesting and knowledge. The World is Flat? The Networking Sites’ users have protected from criminal? They all are the ethical problems I will present in my paper. Key words: Social Networking Sites, Networking Sites or Social Networks; they have the same meaning when I want to say the website for everybody using. 1. Introduction 1. 1. What Is The Social Networks? In the beginning, I have wondered myself; what is Social Networks? And why were the Social Networks so popular? I have found the answers for these questions. Firstly, I give a definition of Social Networking; it is a web-based service, with a large online community. People can set up an account from Social Networking sites, and they have to accept some conditions from the Web service, and then, by using the account, the users can access to their website and use the website as their own places. Sharing the information, knowledge, cultures, and people connection, are the way make Social Network popularly now. The users from Networking Sites can create a friend-list, which is a list of their friends from the Internet, and they can find the other friends by traversing the Networking Sites. That sounds really interesting for everyone are using Social Networking. 1.2. The History of Social Networks? • People want to make the connection between they with their friends, so they can keep in touch with their friends from the Internet. That is the first idea of Social Network development, an electrically linked for everyone. From the idea of Social

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