Social Networking 21'st Century Essay

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Since their Birth into the mainstream, (SNSs) Social Networking Sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter to name a few, have attracted millions of users, many of whom have made SNSs a part of their lifestyle. Facebook alone has 500 million active users worldwide (Facebook, 2011) .The purpose of these websites is to help people connect based on similar interests, political views or activities. Some of these sites also cater to religious or nationality based identities along with information and communication tools such as Mobile connectivity, Blogging, and Photo/Video sharing (Boyd, d. m., & Ellison, N. B. 2007). The traditional classrooms seem to have become extinct , Today’s classrooms have attracted interactive methods of learning and teaching from Kindergarten to Post Graduate seminars , everyone is connected in some way or the other , The most commonly used medium of this connection is Social Networking . The usages of these websites have raised many concerns amongst Institutions as Social Networking websites may be the reason why student’s grades may deteriorate. College students who used Facebook spent less time studying and had lower grade point averages than students who had not signed up for the social networking website, according to a pilot study at Ohio State University. .Facebook users in the study had GPAs between 3.0 and 3.5, while non-users had GPAs between 3.5 and 4.0. ( Grabmeier. J 2009) . Distraction is shown to be the issue as the study conducted showed that users gave up valuable study time in order to live a virtual social life. One of the drawbacks if SNSs were used for academic purposes would be the Privacy issue, High traffic SNSs such as Facebook and Twitter are used by students and professor’s all over the world. If brought into an academic climate, Social networking websites do show a lot of information about an individual

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