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Social Networking is the most popular way for people to communicate today. It is a way of grouping people into specific groups. The communication people had with other years ago is now done over the internet and it is becoming more and more dangerous for woman and children. Parents need to pay closer attention to their children’s use of the computer and woman need to realize that they are a target of some crazy men. Some of the dangers are Cyber Bullying, Pedophiles and rapist. Children are tricking parents into believing that they want to use social networking to communicate with friends that they see at school each day and that is far from the truth. They are using Facebook to meet people from all over the country and the world. They post pictures of themselves and give away information that could lead someone to them with the intent to do them some harm. What is the answer to solving this dangerous problem in this country? If your child is on Facebook or Myspace, they shouldn’t be at least legally. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prevents websites from collecting personal information about children who are under the age of 13 without their parents’ permission. What good is this law if parents don’t keep their children off of those sites? Some parents give children permission to get on these sites and even set up accounts for them. Many children bypass this law, even on sites that enforce it, by simply adjusting their birthday Clearly children want to use social media, and the evidence suggests that they will do so despite COPPA or the many justified parental fears that helped create it. Parents can, however, make the experience safer by directing their children to one of these five age-appropriate social networks. 1.Togetherville Parents can sign up their children by using their own Facebook accounts to create a profile for their kids

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