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Social Networking and Media Report FOLLOW US Social Networking is something that has boomed across America and the entire world of technology that in reality does expand throughout the entire world. Everything from MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phones, LinkedIn, and so many more social networking tools connect the world to each other with the touch or click of a button. In the world of Sports and Entertainment it has been seen to enhance revenue if used correctly as a marketing and advertising tool, to enhance employee collaboration and communication in the workplace of venue management. The steams of social networking run strong through the world of sports and entertainment industry in all aspects of the workplace, Marketing, communication, growth, revenue, which all lead to success of a venue. So how do this industry of sports and entertainment use social networking to enhance all aspects of its venues? What is social networking? Social networking occurs through a variety of websites that allow users to share content, interact and develop communities around similar interests, according to Social networking has a population of millions upon millions, for example in an article posted by written by Jack Loechner, the author states these facts about social networking, “105 million Americans contribute to social media, Social networking has grown 93% since 2006, 7 million Americans are "heavy" social media contributors (6+ activities) who connect with 248 people on a ‘one too many' basis in a typical week, 54% of micro-bloggers post or "tweet" daily, 72% of micro-bloggers under age 18 post or "tweet" daily”. With these simple facts about social media/networking and what its effects can possibly amount too is unbelievable and is undeniably the best place for industries such as the sports and entertainment industry to place their time

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