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Children who spend much of their time online proved find it difficult to concentrate in the classroom and not notice what is taught. This is not mere assumptions, but based on the study. The Effect of Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc) For Children Not a few teachers who are disappointed to see the students using the “chat language” as it is commonly used in social networking chat facilities, such as 2mor, msg, lol, and bk, while in English grammar lessons (English grammar). As known, this study JCA involves 500 teachers who aim to motivate personal and social development of teachers outside the classroom or school. “This study clearly indicates that students from various levels, from upper class to lower class, they spend more stout in social media,” said a spokesman for JCA, which quoted from the Telegraph, Friday, November 19, 2010. “Rather than looking to experience life outside the home, study tours, and interact through face to face with others, children are more obsessed with social networking. And, this unconsciously shape their attitude and personality,” they explains. As a result, teachers are worrying obsession will have a significant impact on the future of student-siwanya. “This is a direct indication of their value on average poor and often failed to complete their homework on time. His condition got worse when they have trouble concentrating in class,” said a spokeswoman for JCA. Finally, this study concludes that children who obtained a value of sag in the school are children who spend most of their time on social networking. It was based on research results from 70 percent of teachers in England who is very confident, increasingly obsessed kids on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. And, nearly half of the 500 teachers surveyed believed that this disorder affects children’s ability to concentrate in class and follow

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