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Utilizing Online Social Networking Utilizing Online Social Networking Technology is an ever-changing field. The LinkedIn social networking site offers professionals the opportunity to network with other professionals in different fields and organizations. LinkedIn connects a person to a list of contacts and helps the person exchange business opportunities, expertise, and ideas with other network of professionals. This paper will discuss how LinkedIn works and how human service professionals can use the social networking website to connect with other professionals in his or her community. This paper will also provide some insight into other human service organizations and how their organization uses the various network opportunities. About LinkedIn LinkedIn is a website that provides an avenue for professional social networking that keeps professionals connected with one another. This social networking site offers individuals an opportunity to form and make new connections. LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site. This website serves more than 120 million members and increasing. LinkedIn joins people to other professionals and allows the individual to exchange information and opportunities with other network professionals. LinkedIn has various functions to help individuals connect with other professionals. LinkedIn offers a person to build up his or her on contact network. This social networking site can be used to locate businesses opportunities, jobs, and people. LinkedIn has special features like employer searches; where an employer can search for a candidate for a job position. The LinkedIn networking site offers job seekers the opportunity to review employment opportunities. People who sign up on LinkedIn can list his or her educational and employment history. Through this networking site individuals can invite other to

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