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Gianni Contestabile, student - 9651292 Unit: SSK13 - Essay Tutor: David hall Essay Questions: Discuss the influence that social networking plays in society today? How do teenagers use networking, and adults and is this a positive influence? Social networking is vital for our generations this tool provides the skills we need with learning aspects for the future. Social network sites can be an important part of a social life of a teenager. Parents might worry about what their children are doing on the internet, although there are advantages as you as a parent can help your child make the most of a learning experience. People use social networks for interactions so they can build connections and find people with common interest. Teenagers may tend to use social networking sites such as Face book and MySpace to create online profiles and send and receive messages they can chat and upload photos and videos. People who network all have their own sites and they can join groups with shared interests. The benefits that social networks give to teenagers is a since of connection and belonging which gives a chance for a teenager to developed and express their identities. Social networking sites give teenagers a chance to express how they’re feeling and keeping in touch with friends and family across long distance or time zones. The adolescents aged between (12-16, 94.9%) use networking sites and (93.4%) have used face book. Online chat is an important part in a teenager’s social life, it is an important feature so teenagers can make social arrangements and talk about things that may be important to them. Students in year (7-10, 33.4%) say that social networking is very important in their life. Face to face interactions and social networking which is like an extension work in ways of telephone

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