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Ofcourse social networking is really useful..but question arises is useful only when it is used in a limit..nowadays people especially youths dont even find time to meet or greet their friends,relatives or for that matter anybody.Locking oneself in a room,logging into S.N.S and chatting,uploading videos,pictures makes one social? or is it through your body language,meeting people face to face and having good manners makes one more social? Recently I went through a new paper report stating that a mother has found her child who was lost 12 years ago using the facebook. This news was really shocking and it shows the wide reach and importance a social networking commands. But like this is just a pros. Just like there is a villian for a hero or a demon for an angel, it has also got its drawbacks like making people addict, making children go astray (making them couch potatoe) , etc. All things depends on how we use it. As we all are aware of the fact that "every coin has two sides". Similarly it completely depends upon the people who is using social networking sites. If they will use it in a prudent manner then of course its a boon for our society. Its only the S. N. S because of which we are capable of being in touch with almost eveyone whom we had meet even once. But at the same time excess of anything is bad. Now-a-days youts are getting addicted to it which is naturally affecting their studies. So as I believe ITS THE WAY YOU TAKE IT. I think social networking sites have given us a great platform to share knowledge, ideas, and to unite on various topics of national importance like building of dams, corruption etc and many more. We the youth now can voice our opinion on this. Social networking is the latest craze this days having both positive and negative effect. On the plus side it is hugely helping todays youth in communicating with their friends,

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