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Privacy in Social Networking Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to demonstrate how there is no secure way to guarantee privacy within social networking. Throughout the last two decades, the world has been changing drastically from a technological standpoint. With all the technological change, comes the grave issue of the influence technology has on our privacy and personal information. Over the last couple of year social networking tools such as; twitter, Facebook, and my space have ballooned to become multibillion-dollar high revenue earning corporations. Though this is all good for people, when it comes to things like keeping in touch with people and managing diverse social networks, there is a grave danger to having so much personal information on an open Internet network. The danger is that, once you sign up for one of the above mentioned networking sites you automatically agree to all the terms and conditions. Which states that whatever information or media you post. The site has every right to use your information in whichever way they see fit. The companies usually sell the information to different sort of marketing firms. This poses a real risk of identity fraud, which can lead to an extremely disastrous situation. When it comes to the correlation between technology and privacy, it seems like as we move forward. The more advanced technology gets, the more our privacy begins to shrink in massive proportions. There was an article recently written by an academic at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, where a keystroke-logging device was being discussed. What a keystroke logger does is that it’s hidden software on your media device, which automatically send out all the hyper sensitive information that someone was inputted in that particular pc. Things such as this pose a major threat to our privacy, but that does not mean that it is

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