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Professor Rudd English 101 1 June 2011 Social Networking “Facebook me” or “Tweeted” may be some of those words you may hear around school or work. When you hear those words, you already know what people are talking about. Social Networking has somehow become part of our lives and a part of our daily routine. Checking our messages or seeing if we have any friend requests is standard. We have become part of an era that has made social networking popular and important that it is how every person communicates, socializes and gets acquainted nowadays. There is nothing wrong with having some time to go on our MySpace or facebook accounts, but when is it too much or how do people know if someone is giving too much information to others? Certainly there are benefits to social networking but then again who says that there are not any negative ones as well? As time goes on social networking only grows and just becomes part of ones life. This paper will address the benefits of the social networking, its downfalls, and my thoughts on the direction that this is taking society. There are three main social networking sites that are popular and that many people have heard of in one way or another. The first one is Myspace, which is usually the social network site that introduced many into social networking. Myspace is a place for meeting new people, spend time listening to music, and notice new bands as they come out. The second major social networking site is Twitter. It is a place where people post their everyday routines. It is like a journal or blog that is open to the public. Finally, there is Facebook. This site is similar to Myspace but recently, it has taken the place of Myspace. Facebook is a place to find an old friend from early school years, family members one has lost contact with, or to socialize with others that have similar interests. It is good for instant

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