Social Network Outline

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Discuss the influence that social networking plays in society today? How and to what extent, has it re-defined social relationships and is this generationally specific? The position I am taking is that in todays' society social networking is more of a need than a want. Without it you are either deemed to be behind the times or an outcast. It is an essential tool for communication, advertising and business. This is particularly true for Gen Y, but I am going to show you how social networking use differs between generations. I am going to focus on how social networks have improved the quality of life for people all over the world who have been able to re-connect by simply typing ones personal details into a search engine, fall in love through an online dating site or help families and friends living long distances stay in touch on a more interpersonal level than a phone call or letter could provide. But I will also be showing how it can have a negative impact on ones life by becoming engrossed even isolated by social networking, how it can play a hand in relationships falling apart and the dangers it can involve, also how social networks and advertising are influencing a younger generation to become more materialistic, sexualised and narcissistic. Social networking is a necessity in todays society, key for communication throughout all generations, even the technologically savvy grandmother isn't that hard to come across these days, and while one generation uses these sites with a wealth of life experience and maturity the other is combating growing up thinking they are grown up. For the majority, Gen Y included they use social networks responsibly. Even though they pose some negative outcomes the positives are why these sites are so popular and always will be. References Craig, SW, 2009, The Young and The digital, first edn, Beacon Press,
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