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Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development of Children PSY104 sue jones Dr. Michelle Brown October 20, 2009 Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development of Children A child begins developing while in its mother’s womb. The genetic makeup of the child is already in progress, and will have both genes from its mother and father. When a child is born it is to be considered to be a blank slate. “They have no experience or knowledge of when they want to be fed, changed, comforted, and loved” (Alvarez, 2009). If a parent is reliable mentally, socially, and emotionally, and they are consistent with their children, it will help these children grow up to be mentally, socially, and emotionally stable. Children develop in a cognitive way by making progress through several developmental stages. Swiss theoretician Jean Piaget was well known for developing these stages. Piaget believed that “cognitive growth occurs through three interrelated processes: organization, adaption and equilibriation” (Papalia, 2006). Piaget was probably one of the most influential cognitive theorists. Piaget was a constructuvist, which means that one’s learning occurs from actions rather than as a result of their actions. Cognition refers to any intellectual process within the human lifespan. These processes include: attention- the ability to focus, perception- the individual interpetition, and memory thinking and problem solving. Cognitvists believe development is the process by which individuals acquire a more sophisticated and complex knowledge of the world around them. It deals with the mental activity within the brain and the formation of concepts. The knowledge is acquired by doing, rather than being given the information. Piaget described child development like going through different mental processes, or stages. He believed that all

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