Social Model of Health Essay

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This essay will be looking at what is meant by the term social model of health and I will be describing the differences when it is compared to the medical model of health. The social model of health is a view that health is multidimensional with social factors, such as class, gender and ethnicity, influencing and patterning health and illness. The medical model of health is a specific way of thinking about and explaining disease based on biological factors One of the recognized explanations of health is established by the World Health Organisation (WHO 1946). WHO defined health as state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (WHO, 1946). However there is a difference between both social model of health and the medical model of health. Medical model of health focuses more on the cure for an illness, whereas the social model of health concentrates on the origins of the illness rather than the cure Social model of health intends to free patients from medically defined diseases infectious or otherwise including cancer or heart problems. An example of the social model of health would be to make people become more vigilant on certain issues and encourage them to change their habits. A major issue would be tackling obesity. Obesity is a common risk factor in today’s society so by having campaigns or even workshops individuals can asses vital information on how to avoid obesity, such as informing them about the consumption of healthy foods, necessary exercise and where to gain help. On the other hand an example of the medical model of health would be a patient who has gone to the doctors due to abdominal pains. In order for the doctor to give a diagnosis they would have to interact with the patient and obtain some medical history. After that the doctor can check the patient

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