Social Media’s Influence in Today’s Society

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Social Media’s Influence In Today’s Society Can you imagine what our life would be like without any of these social Medias? No, I cannot. But if we compare our lives now with the way our grandparents have lived we will understand that they had much more difficulties because they didn’t have any social Medias. Firstly, social Medias in today’s society can help in so many ways. Do you know what social media exactly is? Yes, they are Medias using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques that turn the conversation into interactive dialogue. They are social media tools generally available to the public at little or no cost. One of its advantages is that most social media production does not require specialized skills and training. For example, we can easily get in touch with the person we want to. There is no need to call or visit them because that can take us an hour, a day, maybe a week. We can just find them on “Facebook” or “Messenger”. In addition, we spend less time searching for the information we need than searching for it in the school library. We receive our messages on the e-mail and they cannot wear out. Every single day our lives get much easier because of the social Medias, don’t they? Also if there were no social Medias we would have had difficulties finding out some information about anything you can think of – national news, lifestyle, society, international and business news, etc. On the other hand there are some disadvantages too. Imagine your life without any of these social Medias - without “Facebook” where every day you chat with your friends and “learn” something new, without e-mail address where you receive your messages. How would you feel? Don’t you think that your life was more interesting when you were younger, when there were no computers, only TVs, when we met our friends, not only chatted with them, when we

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