Social Media's Immature Approach on Body Image

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How do you define the ideal body image? Is it the 24-inch waist? Is it the D cup boobs? Or the sun kissed skin? In today’s world, media heavily affects the way we perceive ourselves. The ideal body image that most people perceive nowadays is no longer based on an average but based on how media and society promotes it and that is a body that is highly unattainable for most women. Media promotes size 0 as the ideal body image causing many women judge themselves based on the beauty industry’s standards. Mass media defines the ideal body image by promoting it through the various platforms such as magazines, advertisements, and television and that is extremely immature. One example to prove my point is that the girls on magazine covers are mostly photo shopped to perfection. Whenever I pick up the Women’s Health magazine from 7-Eleven and look at the cover of the magazine, all I see is airbrushed perfection. The pictures shown in magazines of models, actresses in their bikini bodies cause people to think that that is how women bodies should look like. Viewers that read such magazines will tend to feel inferior even if they are not fat to begin with. However, the hourglass figure that cover girls seem to posses are however not always real. Nowadays, with professional Photoshop skills, any photo can be warped into something totally different. Media uses such technology to conceal the true image of these women morphing the way people perceive an ideal body along the way. Media being immature as it is trying to use such images of thin, young, airbrushed female bodies to promote a “perfect” body image to the public which causes women to feel the lack the confidence in their body creating negative effects. In Singapore television, don’t you often see the London Weight Management promoting their packages by showing how women lost 20kg over 5 months? These women are shown

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