Social Media Politics Essay

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I am very active on Facebook whenever my wife goes to her parent’s house (which sadly is only twice in a month that too only ten days per visit, god she is so possessive). Today let’s talk about my Facebook friend Sid. Sid and I stalked girls in college, bunked classes and almost did everything two idiots do. After graduation Sid went to US to meet his elder brother and his family there. Meanwhile I went on a hunger strike against the government for not providing us engineers with affordable beer (Aam ghoda brand) as unemployment allowance. Four years back when I was drunk and new to Facebook and lonely I sent Sid friend’s request and immediately after two months my requested was accepted. I immediately posted like for his beautiful wife in balaclava (because of snow in US), and commented on his cover photo (bald, beer belly, black jacket, sunglasses) clicked in front of a bridge. (Facebook Snapshot) Luxmi Sid Wow you still look as in college Maddy Sid Luxmi Thanks Lux you look beautiful Vickybhai Sid Gotya Bhai kidhar hai,abhi bhi well maintained? Sid Vickybhai Thanks bro,two times daily gym Me Sid Hi Kolkatta Howrah bridge barobar? Luxmi Facepalm its Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA Vickybhai aaychya gavat lakdi pulchya pudhe gela ka kadhi,Aai G#@!l#A,CH#tI#!A Me Vickybhai kakula Namaskar That was the last time I heard about Sid. The cover photo is so common, probably its part of the US immigration procedure to post the golden gate bridge selfie on Facebook (Just kidding immigration guys TajMahal selfie sucks). Anyways last week my wife asked me for a permission to visit her parent’s house I immediately dropped her at my in-laws at 2:00 am in the morning. I nearly cried myself when I saw tears of happiness in her eyes. That’s what happy marriage and personal space is all about. I slept for about half an hour back home and then I

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