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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media marketing is a way of advertising or attracting people to product or services through the use of social media. Social media can be very beneficial as it helps increase brand awareness, because if people are not aware of a business they cannot shop there. Social media also helps increase sales, by building a brand more people get to know about the company and would want to do business with it. Social media also improves customer service, since a lot of people make use of the social media, many prefer asking questions through that means as it is much easier for them. The use of the social media also help the company know more about their customers especially with their comments to the company’s post. Also, the use of social media marketing would help reduce marketing costs as the company can decide to reduce the number of individual marketers. Social media has not just become a marketing tool, it is now at the heart of many firm’s marketing strategies. It has moved from being just a way of connecting to customers to become a core medium of communicating with people. “We talk about shared interest with customers” (Anderson 2013). Whole Food Market is a large company that ventured into social media marketing. By so doing, Whole Food Market had a huge increase in their sales. Also, the company was able to listen to what customers had to say about them and even respond to their comments. Through the social media Whole Food Market were able to get reviews (what people think) about think about their product so as to know how to serve them much better. My company should do this because this way its brand name would easily be built, more people would know more about the business and it would also increase the sales. Also, this helps them keep customers happy. Keeping their customers happy would make them patronize more often, which

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