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Social Media Marketing Because of the rise in social media sites, Marketers have decided to change the place where they reach people. The marketing mix is comprised of four p’s: product, promotion, price, and place. After observing the new trends of the world today, it is obvious that more and more people today are online. People are not only online, but also on smart phones, tablets, and any other objects that they can update their status on. Therefore, marketers today have to shift their focus on which “place” they share advertisements. Social media marketing can be observed by examining the buzz on social media marketing, measuring the return on investment of new marketing strategies with social media, and how to better market while using social media. Stephanie Walden wrote an article to explain social media and marketing. She talks about the needed job position of social media manager for large companies. Walden quotes Dane Atkinson when speaking about the change of place marketing. She quotes, “if you’re selling to enterprises (expending resources on social media) may not make any sense; but if you’re selling directly to consumers, you want to be part of their direct environment” (Walden, 2014). The objective of marketing is to get a company’s name out and sell products, so it is vital for marketing to observe where is best to reach consumers. Walden explains that social media marketing is not just about getting the company name in front of a customers face, but it requires actual conversation, hence, social media. She quotes Peter Friedman saying, “To be social, you must focus on creating actual back-and-forth conversations and make them more about your customers than about your brand and products” (Walden, 2014). Because of this free flow of communication, it is important for social media teams to carefully watch how the conversation is moving. Walden

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