Social Media Influence Essay

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I. Online and traditional schools are similar in many ways, but traditional schooling is better to help teach students how to interact socially. II. The difference in environment in a traditional school and an online school is the largest thing to take into consideration when choosing between the two. A. The environment of an online class is not as simple as the environment of a traditional classroom. In a traditional classroom you are able to pick up your book and go to whichever page you need to find and easily navigate through the pages. Also you are able to better learn how to socially interact with other students and teachers. B. Whereas in an online classroom to read your materials you have to open the file, then scroll through the pages to try and find what you are looking for. Then when it comes to learning how to socially interact with others online classes do not help to teach you that, although you do communicate via internet you do not experience face to face communication with your classmates or instructors. III. Homework policies are also a very important factor to keep in mind as you prepare to make the decision between traditional and online schooling. C. In a traditional classroom the teacher will often assign homework to be returned the next day or in the following days. D. When you are enrolled in an online class you are assigned certain questions to be done throughout the week, usually discussion forums for that weeks’ assignment. IV. A factor that is one of the most important points of comparison to a perspective student is the time schedule for both options of schooling. E. If you are attending a traditional class you have to be there certain days of the week and at certain times on these days. This is something that poses an issue for many working class adults, or adults who have children with busy schedules. F. The time
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