Social Media in Organizations Essay

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Coman, C., & Paun, M. (2010). The image of the public institutions and new technologies. Romanian Journal of Journalism & Communication, 5(4), 45-53. In the past few years, the Internet has taken over a large portion of communication with the widespread use of email, instant messaging, and social media. Because of the ability to send and receive information almost instantly through these outlets, it comes as no surprise that social media has become critical to organizations and their Public Relations departments worldwide. Social media has continued the evolution of Public Relations to a type of communication between organizations and the public, instead of a one-way transmittal of information. In the research piece, “The Image of Public Institutions and New Technologies,” by Cristina Coman and Mahaela Paun, these women conduct a study on Romanian public institutions in order to “extend the understanding of social media tools and relationship-building,” and to find out if these tools can help positively change the images of organizations (Coman & Paun, 2010, p.48). This study attempts to address the following question: “How do websites help Public Relations practitioners to create a certain image?” Through the investigation of websites for 18 ministries and 6 City Halls, the authors attempt to record the use of social media within different sections of the websites and the importance of the social media in the image of the organizations. In order to conduct the study, the authors analyzed the websites of all 24 organizations for the following: a. News on the homepage b. Site updating c. Media sections d. Forum e. Newsletter f. Scale of transparency (email webmaster & questions for audiences to answer) Through the analysis of these Romanian, government-regulated websites
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