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Social Media Ethics Essay

  • Submitted by: MatthiasLim1
  • on February 9, 2015
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Controversy surrounding social media is most certainly not a new topic to most people. It is a well-known fact that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and corporate giants like Google and Microsoft collect data by mining monitored information from our social media profiles and search results.   It is also well known that they sell this data to other business who want to find out about what products we buy and what we think about their brand. Unsurprisingly, there are many unavoidable ethical questions regarding these practises. Do we as users have control over how much of our personal information is being shared? Do we as users have the right to privacy?
Controversies like invasion of privacy are one of the most commonly discussed topics. Other common ethical issues include spamming, public bashing, dishonesty and distortions, distorted endorsements and improper anonymity (which arise when “unverified” information are allowed to be shared on social media platforms) and misuse of free expertise. These are all controversies the public at large are mostly aware of, but recent reports reveal that there are far more subliminal threats that social media users face.
Facebook revealed in June 2014 that it had conducted a secret social experiment called the “transmission of anger” experiment in January 2012. In this experiment, Facebook manipulated information posted on 689 thousand users’ Facebook home pages and observed that it was able to make people feel more positive or negative through this process. They found that by filtering the posts, people who read more positive emotional content posted by their friends also began to post more positive emotion content of their own and the reverse is also true. After publishing the details of the experiment, Facebook received a storm of protest and thousands of unhappy users expressed their displeasure with the study. A poll conducted by The Guardian shortly after the uproar online showed that 84% of...

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