Social Media and the Influence on Job Seeking Essay

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Most people have landed their current position through a barrage of electronic resumes, cover letters, phone calls, and follow-up emails. Before that, resumes where sent through standard post with the reliance of the postal service and mail rooms at employers to deliver what might result in an opportunity to interview. Now enter the age of social media. Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn now dominate as the necessary tools in order to be recognized by employers. A declaration that the resume is dead would be premature, but it can be declared that social media has changed the job searching game. The impetus came about with the rise of the “digital native” generation (those with technology in their hands at an early age) choosing to share their personal lives through the constant updating of what they were doing. It became an expectation to be able to check on the accomplishment of friends, to seek feedback, to be in touch, and share how they feel about a subject. For the “digital immigrants” (those having to adopt technology later in life), they now have to learn how to share their lives spontaneously, check the status of their friends and family, and keep current with the trends of the digital native using social media. Social media developed the art of branding one's self, unbeknownst to those who were participating. A resume on a piece of 8 ½ X 11” paper was once the extent of self- branding, but in the new digital age, branding has expanded past paper. Branding of one’s self is becoming the most significant factor for individuals to land the highly coveted dream job. Now the challenge with branding is learning the marketing aspects. To market well, you need to know what attracts employers; you need to know what key words to include in your online professional profile and what web sites that employers are frequenting. There have been many articles published on

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