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Social Media And Tech Addiction Essay

  • Submitted by: sofiamounir
  • on April 26, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The technological phenomenon has became concretely prominent these 5 last years in such a way it has developed a new behavioral attitudes that supported the enhancement of psychological syndromes that humans had once succeeded in controlling. The personality traits of humanity have been accentuated owing to several inventions that are set up on the overall consumption market such as the microwave, phone fixed and portable, computers have allowed the storage of a numerous data that have many advantages from an ecological point of view this had reduced the use of the papers, Internet has stimulated all markets and also the freedom of expression, credit card have facilitate the transactions, e-commerce made the purchase more convenient, telecommunication favored the access to information, the ease of connection through several technological tools is extremely impressive, in fact social networks intensified the social relationship so that the need for assertion become indispensable to fill the human narcissism.
Thus Maslow’s theory which analyze the human psychology support and prove’s the manifestation of the human quest to satisfy every single need (the physiological needs, the need for security, membership, esteem and accomplishment); in addition this theory is very useful for marketing studies.
Thereby the frequent use of those communication tools justifies the personal complex of people to boast and display vis-à-vis to others in other words to impress the public opinion of our environment, it’s a way to expose our internal thought, actions, performances and aspirations to attract the attention of people around us.
However, the overuse of technological social relationship confirm the personality weakness to externalize the image that we reflect; People’s mentalities became more concentrated on the appearances and ignoring the hollow that they may create between the paradoxical contrast of being and forthcoming.
The representation of our human being is...

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