Social Media and Body Image Essay

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Social Media And Body Image For too many people today, the media including social media has a significant effect on body image. Surprisingly, body image and media influence begin at a shockingly young age. In one study, researchers found that children as young as 5 were changing their opinions based on tv programs. How Does It Affect Us? It’s no wonder that the media has this affect though. When you’re bombarded with countless images of thin models and actresses or muscular men, most people and especially teens are going to view these figure as role models. It also doesn’t help that real life role models such as parents and older siblings often openly obsess about their own weight. Everywhere you turn from friends and peers to clothing shopping ads, you’re surrounded by the popular opinion that you have to look a certain way. These viewpoints are dangerous but almost impossible to avoid. For parents who may want to protect their children, it’s impossible to hide every magazine, turn off television, and ban any sort of media exposure. Also, adults who want to avoid these influences on themselves are going to have to face them from advertisements, tv shows, movies, and a wide variety of media sources. When you consider all of these influences, each person is faced with a society that’s obsessed with weight loss and products which promote the ideal body image. Why Is It Dangerous? You’ve probably heard or even tried some of these products. From diet pills that promise a thin, sculpted body to wraps, and even certain clothing, people spend hundreds of dollars on weight loss products each year. Unfortunately, most of these products have not been tested by reputable sources and will not deliver the results you want. Some of them may even be dangerous to your health, so you should avoid these products as much as possible. Media’s influence on body image

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