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Social media has really changed my interaction with my friends and family. Everyone in family of age has a Facebook account and that is how we all find out about things going on in each other’s lives. Family functions are all set up as events now through Facebook. With over 600 million users, it l leaves me to believe that gone are the invitations that once came through the mail. As far as the fastest growing age group being 35-55 on Facebook, I can definitely believe it. I was totally thrown off when my mother sent me a friend request. All I could think about was if I were a teenager, this would certainly be one request that I would deny. As far as finding information, social media has become one of the first sources to go to for information. According to Linda Thomas of Seattle’s Morning News, “The death of Osama Bin Laden was one of the most tweeted events in history. It generated the highest sustained rate of tweets ever - a record 12.4 million tweets per hour (2011).” During the President’s address to America, all I could think about was getting on Facebook to view what my friends were talking about. Everyone was instantaneously interacting with one another about the death of Osama Bin Laden and giving their points of views. This also happens when there is news about a popular celebrity, i.e., Michael Jackson, or news about a hometown friend. The future of social media could go in any direction. With the invention of Skype and Oovoo giving us the ability to socialize live, I can’t imagine what else could come about. But for my limited imagination about social networking, there are many others dreaming about the next best thing and I can’t wait. Thomas, Linda. May 2, 2011. Most Tweeted Event in History-Bin Laden. In The News Chick. Retrieved May 13, 2011. from

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