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Social networks are digital platforms that allow users to create profiles and share content (posts, images, etc.). The main 'camps' of social networking are two: Facebook and twitter. Both - both of which millions of users - are sworn friends and enemies, while the preference to true or not is not just a matter of taste, but is reduced by some as a major issue ... sociological implications. In recent years social networking sites have penetrated in the dynamic field of social contacts and beyond. Through these pages the users can find people from every corner of the planet according to the activities or their musical preferences. Moreover given the possibility to users to inform others at any time the situation or the place where they are. All these seem wonderful at first glance, since it seems to offer easy and relaxed communication combined with fun while distances annihilated. That is why some social networks have acquired the'' religion'' as is often reported. However, the effect of "social networks" in their lives, particularly young people, has proven to be very great. The daily use addicting slowly users the need for continuous renewal of "profile" for the sake of their online friends. Instead choose to discuss their thoughts and problems with short people themselves with the "likes" of other users considering acclaimed whoever won the most. So, acquire isolation and alienation. Also, regarding the pictures not used to immortalize moments but to increase the prestige of Internet users. Plus not photographed on remembering a nice time, but to showcase our photos on Facebook trying to find satisfaction in some likes. Such pages are like the ability to give exposure of personal information under'' ideal'' lighting. Something like that is gradual detachment from the real society and integration in a web. It is therefore understandable that these attitudes are

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