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Social Media Essay

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Social Media Marketing Research -
Mine The New Frontier
The Internet and social media marketing are changing the face of marketing.
It’s a seismic shift. Perhaps a Tectonic shift.
And it’s changing qualitative research too. New opportunities come into view. And new methods emerge.
What is Social Media?
Welcome the citizen writer, journalist, blogger, commentator, rater, editor, publisher, networker, and aggregator. The new influencers.
They are consumers who talk with each other on a large scale, using the new media tools of the Internet. People who connect, converse, and create community. People who share knowledge and opinions.
And they talk about brands and products.
And it's B2B conversations too.
What is Social Media Marketing?
It is digital marketing.
It uses social networks (e.g.LinkedIn, Facebook), blogs, (e.g.Technocrati, Bloglines), social bookmarking (e.g. StumbleUpon, del.icio.us ), user groups and forums, wikis, podcasts (e.g. iTunes), content communities (e.g.Flickr, YouTube), and micro-blogs (e.g.Twitter) to build brands and products, by engaging with online communities.
And social media can be used for marketing research.
What is Social Media Marketing Research?
At its essence, it is qualitative research.
You engage online communities and have conversations.
You listen to what people are saying about brands or products. Social media delivers insight and knowledge.
As with traditional qualitative research, you listen for topics, brand presence, share of voice, and sentiment. And observe social media behavior.
What are people saying about a brand or product? And who, how, and why? Behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and emotions. Trends. The stuff of qualitative marketing research.
Then you mine and analyze. And influence, optimizing brands, products, and media marketing campaigns.
What are its Marketing Research Methods?
• Online communities – private and public blogs and social networks
• Online focus groups...

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