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In this essay, it will be discussed how Facebook and other social media outlets use four modules of a legally incisive marketing. It will also explain the methods of alternative dispute resolution and determines a valid, genuine discussion. The analyses of how the federal government controls consumer sales. We will examine the three branches of government and discuss their impact on consumer transactions. As social media becomes a mainstay with more and more people; businesses are looking to team up with sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. Companies are planning to upgrade their company’s investments in social media marketing, with more and more consumers, make these sites popular. It makes it easy, economical way to reach customers. Indeed, more than half (62 percent) executives who took part in a recent survey by The Creative Group said companies of all sizes and industries are expected to funnel more marketing funds toward a social networks. (Creative Group, 2012) There are many ways that businesses can use Facebook and other social media sites to promote their companies, however they also need to make sure to cover themselves from legal issues. Making sure to use the proper legal tools and laws is a must. Managing the different risks and to develop the possible value for the use of the rules, making sure that the law is working for the company and not against it. This provides the firm an overall strategy which can be varied according to the legal means of managers in business. This component analyzes the risk ratio for making sure that the company is legally in the clear when using Facebook social media marketing and also it provides the proper presentation of legal tools for achieving the legal perceptive of social media marketing. The second component of social media marketing is the ability to use informed judgment that provides the legal

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