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INTERNATIONAL MARKETING REFLECTION PAPER – ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN INDIAN POLITICS TABLE OF CONTENTS # | Particulars | Page # | A | Executive Summary | 2 | B | Background | 2 | | India | 2 | | Government of India | 2 | | India and social media | 3 | | Politics and social media | 3 | C | Importance of social media | 3 | D | Social media war in Indian politics | 4 | E | Use of social media | 4 | F | Conclusions | 5 | E | Exhibits | 6 | G | Bibliography | 8 | A. Executive Summary Social media has touched all the aspects of our life. From socializing to professional networking, from making new friends to finding new job, we use social media at least once a day. Social media is widely used platform in today’s marketing. Gone are the days when marketing was done only through newspapers and televisions. Understanding the era of social media marketing, even the political parties have started using it for promoting their parties during the election campaigns. Same is being experienced by the people of India today. There is a social media war between political parties of India, for forthcoming public elections. This paper will reflect how political parties in India have switched to social media for their election campaigns. B. Background India The Indian civilization is world’s one of the oldest civilization. The roots of its civilization go back to 3rd and 2nd millennia B.C. As the history states, due to its natural resources and cultural richness, India has always been ruled by some or the other kingdoms. In 19th century, Great Britain became the dominant political power. British ruled India for 150 years and on 15th August 1947, India got its independence. After 67 years of independence, today India is one of the largest democracy in the world. Its GDP for 2013 was $1.758 trillion with a growth of 3.8%,

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