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We are generation of social media, and we all look to each other to determine how we should be using it. For some weird reason, we all use it differently. Some use it for the occasional selfie, and some are constantly telling the world what they're having for breakfast, snack number one, lunch, snack number two and dinner. But somehow, social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life; especially of teens. They are obsessed with the use of social media such as facebook, whatsapp, viber, twitter, instagram, orkut, flickr etc. Use of social media has its positive as well as negative effects on teens. On one hand, we are facing the problem of cyber bullying, relationship problems, cyber-crime because of irresponsible use of social media; teens are also becoming aware of the social issue and raising their voice against the injustice. When I was a teenager, social media was not as popular as it is today. It was taking a baby step at that time and my generation was the first to experience the social media. But it has been changed a lot since then and it will be very interesting researching about the topic. The current generation is known as “iGeneration” and everything starts with social media. Teens today cannot imagine their life with mobile and computer and they are as important as air and water for them. By researching on this topic, we will be able to develop the vision about the social media and its effect on teens. So it would be really interesting researching about effects of social media on teens. Thesis: Use of Social media has negative as well as positive effects on teens. Negative: * Privacy Issues: Social media allows youths to share private information that can lead to exploitation and abuse. * Cyber bullying: There are many reports of youths affected by cyber bullying – the relentless online teasing, ostracizing, harassing, or

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