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3/7/13 SkillBrief: Social Media and Online Marketing SkillBrief Social Media and Online Marketing The electronic age has produced a revolution in the way people communicate and brought marketing into a new era. Instant communication and fast-changing technologies have had a huge impact on the way marketers promote and sell their products and brand image. Modern marketers acknowledge the need for new conceptual and practical approaches that utilize a wide variety of marketing strategies. Social media is a collective term used to describe Internet- and mobile-based tools that integrate technology, communication, and social interaction. Social media marketing uses social networking to utilize these Internet technologies and platforms to engage customers, drive the purchase of products, increase brand awareness, and facilitate customer support. Internet marketing tools On the Internet, information spreads rapidly. One person's experience with a product or service can be disseminated to an entire social network in an instant. Social marketing uses many different tools to facilitate communication with customers and consumers. These include social networking sites, blogs, e-mail, online forums, and social bookmarks. Marketers need to spread their messages where their customers are. Increasingly, this is happening on social networking sites. Social networking sites allow people to take greater control over their Internet experience, and to find and share content with like-minded "Internet friends." Social networking sites are emerging as a powerful and sophisticated new kind of marketing tool. In fact three social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace – are among the top trafficked web sites in the world. Social networking is an important part of Internet marketing. It allows marketers to seek out new customers through referrals from other customers,

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