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Social Media Social media is very important to all facets of the business environment. Human resources especially, Mr. Humphrey mention, social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and many others. Can be used for recruiting; he gave the example of Herrods Department Store, saying that they used social media for 100% of their recruiting. In the world of the pet hospital social media can be helpful to recruiting the right people for the job. With social media sites you can look at potential applicants and get a better understanding of who they are, more than you would with just an application. LinkedIn is one of the most important websites that a company can be a part of; it is a perfect place to make connections with potential employees. These possibilities in the social media sphere could help with retention problems. Market Street Market Street was interesting. It is very large, has many departments, and a lot of managers. Market Street must have a high level of coordination to keep all of this together. That means training and finding the right people for the job. I walked around the store, it was very clean, and in almost every department I went to there was a manager working or talking to a customer. When you walk through Market Street, if you pay attention you will hear the intercom going off constantly. Every department and register has little black phones that connect to the intercom, and they are constantly in contact with each other. The front calls dairy; the deli calls produce. It goes on and on, but there are now communication barriers. Everyone has a Market Street shirt on. The managers are set apart by a button up Market Street dress shirt and slack as opposed to the other employees that have golf shirts on. I bought a few things and went to check out. The checker was polite, as well as the sacker. I paid out and finished up. The thing I

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