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Vat No.600371159 Three Star Computer New Road, Nachhegalli, ( Near Muncha House) Tel.: 01-4223847 Quatation Price 1. Intel G41 Board MSI 4300 2. Intel 3.0 Pentium CPU 1800 3 . DDR 3 Ram 2 GB 950 4. HDD 160 GB Hard Disk 3700 5. DVD RW 1500 6. Atx p4 casing 1450 7. Technos LED Moniter 15.6 Inch 6700 8.MM Keyboard 250 9. Optical Mouse 150 10. Normal Speaker 250 11. VGA Card 1000 12. Y-cable 125 _____________ 22175 Vat 13% extra Practice Test Two Candidate Name _________________ INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM LISTENING SECTION TIME: 30 MINUTES INSTRUCTIONS: You must not open the booklet until you are instructed to do so. Write your name and registration number at the top of the page. You should attempt all questions. All recordings will be played only once. Write all your answers on the test paper itself. After the section is over, you will be given ten minutes to transfer your answers to the given answer sheet. You are not permitted to take this exam booklet out of the examination room. There are 40 questions in this section. They are broken up into four parts as follows: Section 1 Questions 1-10 Section 2 Questions 11-20 Section 3 Questions 21-30 Section 4 Questions 31-40Test 2 LISTENING SECTION 1 Questions 1-10 (CD3 Track 1) Questions 1-2 Choose the correct letters, A, B, or C. Example: What nursery school registration option does the woman choose? A Half-day B Full-day C Full-day plus after school care 1 What is the woman’s husband’s nationality? A Swiss B Swedish C Swazi 2 How is a child’s personal education number normally received? A By post B By e-mail C Picked up from the school Question 3 Choose the correct

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