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Social Media has changed the way modern-day teens communicate with each other. It has changed so much now that an average teen spends 31 hours a week on the internet. 2 Written communication isn’t even valued as much as it was 150 years ago, where you had to send letters and that could take up to a week to reach their destination versus 8 seconds on a social media. Social media has also changed society, and the way we think of things. There are various types of social media: video chats, regular chats, blogs, tweets, texts and social networks. It appears that teenagers who are shy tend to be more aggressive on social networks than in person. The symptom is usually referred to as the “Behind the Screen”, which means that people usually write things on the social media that they wouldn’t say in person. This can be a valuable tool in assisting individuals who are shy and are afraid of in person contact. Teenagers can research homework assignments through social media in seconds and communicate with others quickly. Teenagers can post pictures of family members and vacations so friends can view them. Social media has even impacted many social events. For example, social events such as flash mobs can be organized over social media sites. Social media has a negative impact as well as a positive impact in society. Allowing people to anonymously send messages to others often times has opened a new door to teenage bullying . This is usually one of the main reasons people cyber bully, because it’s easier to write it on a screen and not identify oneself. Forty percent of cyber bullies don’t even physically bully people in their face. “It does allow users with the capacity for strong emotions to express them more easily, and with less regard for the consequences of their actions.”1 For example, on YouTube if someone posts a video of themselves singing and there are

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