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SOCIAL MARKETING COMMUNICATION In 1958 G.D. Wiebe surprised the marketing community by asking them , ‘Why can’t you sell brotherhood like you sell soap ? ‘ This memorable quote literally gave birth to a whole new field called Social Marketing . Social communication or rather Development Communication is closely linked to the concept of national development itself . National development focuses on mobilizing human potential through a) access to material resources like good health , education , housing & food and b) the creation of a culture & environment that guarantees freedom, human rights & self respect . Development Communication works by giving underprivileged people a voice, it enables communities to find realistic solutions to their problems , & not by imposing behaviours from outside. It recogniszes the skills & abilities of the socially & economically challengd. To take an eg communication can enable rural mothers to take care of their own health during pregnancy , prepare them for a safe delivery , provide them with the confidence to raise healthy children , & at the same time guide them as to what steps to take & where to go in case of serious illnesses & emergencies . As a facilitator & friend , communication in this case assumes the form of an illustrated Mother’s Handbook. What is a social issue??? Anything that affects human lives on a long term basis can be called a social issue . Under the broad classification of health , environment , education & civic issues there are areas such as 1) HIV/AIDS 2) Safe Motherhood 3) Malaria 4) Leprosy 5) Tuberculosis 6) Family Planning , ( Health) 7) Pollution 8) Deforestation 9) Industrial Waste 10) Preservation of Biodiversity 11) Renewable Energy Sources ( Environment) 12) Traffic Sense 13) Household Waste Disposal 14)Noise Pollution 15) Drug Abuse ( Civic Issues)

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