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My personal experiences serve as puzzle pieces to who I am: without them, I would be incomplete, and with them, I am more of a person. Each of the things that I have been a part of; a family that still remains together, a middle-class teenager, a born and raised Southern Baptist, and a world traveler, contribute and help to define who I am as a person. One’s social location is definitively expressed as a person’s place in society, and things such as race, class, gender, and religion are four of the key factors in determining a person’s social location. Another thing that widely shapes where we stand in society is our past. In life, we live as though we are boxes: when we start, we have sharp edges, and we hurt others and others hurt us. But as time progresses, our corners begin to dull and become more round; we learn how to interact with others and…show more content…
At our dinner table conversations, we discussed things such as the current President’s actions, terrorism, stem-cell research, and economics. The way my parents viewed it, the more you knew about the world, the better of a place you could make it to be. Though they presented their own ideas, my parents always made sure that they also included the opinion from the other side of the spectrum- to keep us well-informed. From dinner table talks with my family where questions were thrown around and ideas popped up left and right, I was able to form my own opinions and create my own perception of the world. Because my parent’s always took the time to explain the opposite side of the argument, I have become a person that listens to what other people have to say to understand why they see things the way that they do. In fact, in high school, I was voted ‘Most Diplomatic’, thanks to the way my parents raised me. This experience in my household has socially located me as a person who is a rational thinker and is slower to frustration with

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