Social Justice Case Study

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1. In this particular scenario regarding the expectant mother and her particular situation, I am in support of the “Social Justice”, and I say this because in this particular situation it does happen in real life and on a daily basis. I feel that in this situation the lady can go ahead and have her baby at the hospital, and then apply for Medicaid after she is released from the hospital, due to the fact that when you apply for Medicaid, on the actual application it does ask if you have or had any unpaid medical bills within the last three to six months, and she should answer yes. Once she starts receiving Medicaid, and the actual hospital bill does come, she will then need to fill out her Medicaid information and any other pertinent information that the form asks for and send it back in to the hospital, and the hospital should bill Medicaid from that point on. Another reason why I am supporting “Social Justice” is because I feel that no hospital has the right to refuse admittance or service to anyone who does not have insurance or who are not able to pay upon arrival and in need of medical attention. *I still stand by my original position and support “Social Justice”. 2.…show more content…
My views on science and technology in the healthcare industry are kind of hard to express, because on some aspects it’s a good thing, to have new more advanced equipment, and new science discoveries in cures for some diseases, but on the negative aspect of things, you have new technological equipment, but no one trained to run the equipment, it has increased the pricing in medical care, but I see that some people cannot afford insurance due to the rising costs of medical insurance, we also need to make sure that your doctors, nurses, specialists, and anyone else who is in the healthcare field are properly trained, you can’t just put someone out there who has no experience and expect them to know what they are doing…that is just like coming to your own funeral, it just cannot

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