Social Jane Essay

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Pacific University CommonKnowledge All CAS Faculty Scholarship Faculty Scholarship (CAS) 1-1-2009 Social Jane: The Sociology of Jane Austen Christopher D. Wilkes Pacific University, Recommended Citation Wilkes, Christopher D. (2009). "The Sociology of Jane Austen: Social, Literary and Political Context" in Social Jane: The Sociology of Jane Austen. Pre-print. This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Faculty Scholarship (CAS) at CommonKnowledge. It has been accepted for inclusion in All CAS Faculty Scholarship by an authorized administrator of CommonKnowledge. For more information, please contact Social Jane: The Sociology of Jane Austen Description This chapter is part of a book-length project of six chapters called Social Jane. It sets the political and social context of Jane Austen's novels, and argues for her sociology in two directions. First, it takes trouble to set the social and historical context for her work. Second, it pays attention to her sociological analysis of social forms, and in particular, her brilliant exposé of the intricacies of social hierarchy. Finally, it resolves the question of Austen's own position in the social hierarchy. Keywords Jane Austen, social history. Disciplines Sociology Rights Terms of use for work posted in CommonKnowledge. This article is available at CommonKnowledge: The sociology of Jane Austen. Christopher Wilkes 1 Social Jane Reading Austen Reading Society. Although Jane Austen’s reputation has been secure since the mid-nineteenth century, she has remained one of the great anomalies of literary history. If few authors have occupied such an honored position in the ranks of great literature, just as few have inspired such divergent accounts of what exactly they are doing in the first place.
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