Social Issues Of Hurricane Katrina

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Many people may argue that the surfacing of a social problem happens for a reason. Others may believe that the way the media portrays a certain topic is a reason why social problems comes about so strongly. Using the public arena model discussed in the Hilgartner And Bosk article, I will talk about the social issues of Hurricane Katrina. A tragic day not only for the people of Louisiana, but for the entire American population. Along with the discussion of the topic there will be an evaluation of the structure and function of the public arena model. Although knowing that the hurricane was in the outer boundaries of the state, August 29, 2005, was a day like no other to the people in Louisiana state.…show more content…
The way the pictures, articles, and videos were shown. Many pictures were eye catching and horrific. I remember looking at a particular picture that took my breathe away. The picture was of a house destroyed by the hurricane and there lying in the middle of the street was a corpse, missing limbs, and just floating there. As much as I wanted to turn my head away from the picture I couldn’t help but stare. Knowing that it was a non-fictional picture, made me just imagine what people saw those days after Hurricane Katrina hit. It saddens my heart knowing what people had to endure in their lives . Many of the pictures that were taken that were very disturbing were of residents that were African American. The way the media portrayed this horrible event was that the minorities in the town were the ones that were most affected. However, according to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Nearly 51 percent of the people who died in the 2005 storm were white . About 46 percent of the 825 deaths attributed directly to that Category 3 hurricane were black. Hispanics, Asians and American Indians made up the remaining deaths. As stated by Bob Johannessen, "The initial belief by a lot of folks that minorities were impacted to a greater extent turned out not to be the…show more content…
However sometimes that is not always what the media puts it’s attention on. During the time that Hurricane Katrina was happening there were many other things that were happening that caught the media’s eye. One of the major things that was in the media during the major event were other major events that were happening over seas. The war in Iraq has been in the media news and newspaper ever since they step foot in the overseas soil. During the time of this accurence a great deal of converstation about the Iraqi consitituion. Iraq's constitutional committee granted a final draft for Iraqi constitution. Another report has appointed that A U.S. soldier was killed and four others wounded in Afghanistan when their vehicle was struck by a bomb. Although Katrina was classifed as one of the major disasters in american it was not discussed as much as the war in Iraq

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