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Social Issues in Government Essay

  • Submitted by: ntofon
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ntofon Prince.
Mr. Karsten Mundel.
CSL Draft.
15th November 15, 2013.

              The term community service learning can be split into two for better understanding of the concept .First of all we look at the term community as having two distinct meanings, one of them can refer to community as being a usually small social unit of any size that share common values and work together to achieve their similar goal, purpose. It can also refer to a condition of having certain attitudes or interests in common. We can then take a closer look into community service as being an activity that is performed by an individual or a group of people for the benefit of the public or institutions.
            With all this said we can then look at the bigger picture of things and see how community service engagement can help for the betterment of the public and how the community in general can benefit from such activities and how the general public or a common individual can play a big role in such a big plan for a community. I am going to justify the notion that it starts with just one person to make a huge impact in the bigger plans of things that an individual can start the empowerment of a people to greater heights.
      One of the greatest challenges when talking or writing about social impact is avoiding meaningless generalizations. While it is great to talk about saving the rainforests, ending poverty, and improving education, these goals are nothing more than idealistic plans if individuals aren’t aware of what they can actually do to help accomplish them. The individual has to establish the facts, the reason why they are engaging in this activities and how these activities can help uplift the situation of the society.
      The fact is that making an impact does not necessarily have to mean engaging with these broader social issues. Social impact can also be much simpler than that. In a recent entry in the New York Times’ “Metropolitan Diary,” a...

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