Social Issues in Afghanistan Essay

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Social issues in Afghanistan A variety of social ills are common in Afghanistan, such as poverty, interethnic strife, inequality of women, and widespread thievery, kidnapping, easy access to education, corruption, terrorism, judiciary, gender based discrimination, illiteracy, unemployment and banditry etc. Blood feuds handed down through generations are legendary, and revenge is regarded as a necessary redress of wrongs.[1] As Nelson Mandela said ‘education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Recent survey of afghan people by Asia foundation revealed that easy access to education & illiteracy are the biggest problems faced by afghan people. There literacy rate is 28%, which is very low compared to other countries and Afghanistan development cannot be assured without offering its next generation greater access to education[2]. In some areas up to 90% of girls do not go to school and recent evaluation has shown that many children (boys & girls) cannot read at grade 3. Here are few recommendations to counter these; • It’s the basic responsibility of government to build buildings of schools for both male and female in all over the country but if government is not able to build then in such case one building of school can be used for both genders like the girls can get education in morning shift while the boys can attend the school in 2nd shift of the same school/building. So in that case females can do their household work after coming back from school and as result their families couldn’t have any objection. • A policy can be adopted in order to have more trained and broad vision teachers is that government should arrange foreign visits for the educationists and other people attached to education field to study the system of education adopted by progressive Muslim countries like Iran, Pakistan, Turkey etc. • Equal

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