Social Issues Essay

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It does not take an expert to realize how much societies are marred with many social problems that distraught the lives of many individuals, especially the low income and poor majority who live in slums and gang-infested areas always in fear of what may come upon them whenever they go to sleep. Societies have greedy leaders who, despite having knowledge of the problems facing members of their constituencies, do very little in helping the very people who voted them into power. Some of the social problems facing societies include: crime, poverty, high number of illiterate people, poor sanitation, increase in slum dwellings, drug abuse and prostitution, just to name a few of the worst social problems. Law enforcers face a difficult task in trying to maintain peace and security in the society to no avail. Houses are being broken into, women and girls raped, while people get robbed with violence while in their homes. The police number is currently at one policeman per 2000 civilians, making it a daunting task helping all these people (McCollister, French, & Fang, 2010). The police have become corrupt due to their meager pay making them collude with criminals so as to have a share of lootings. On top of crime, one of the worst problems is poverty that has ravaged the society with people having very little to live on. Poverty is definitely one of the reasons why crime has increased as it has become very difficult to find formal employment in today’s corporate world (Chaudhary & Sarwar, 2011). Other pertinent issues include the high number of illiterate people in society. Lack of education can be very dangerous and has contributed to the high poverty and crime rates in the country. Education has become very expensive for the common person, making it difficult for children to go to school and seek higher learning. This eventually

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