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Assessment This unit needs to be assessed in line with the Skills for Care and Development QCF Assessment principles. This unit is competence based. This means that it is linked to the candidate’s ability to competently perform a range of tasks connected with their work. This unit may be assessed using any method, or combination of methods, which clearly demonstrates that the learning outcomes and assessment criteria have been met. This unit requires workplace assessment of occupational competence. Assessment decisions for competence based learning outcomes (eg those beginning with ‘Be able to’) must be made in a real work environment by an occupationally competent assessor. Any knowledge evidence integral to these learning outcomes may be generated outside of the work environment but the final assessment decision must be within the real work environment. Competence based assessment must include direct observation as the main source of evidence. For this unit, learning outcomes 4 and 5 must be assessed in a real work environment. Guidance on assessment and evidence requirements OCR does not stipulate the mode of delivery for the teaching of the content of this unit. Centres are free to deliver this unit using any mode of delivery that meets the needs of their candidates. Centres should consider the candidates’ complete learning experience when designing learning programmes. National Occupational Standards (NOS) mapping/signposting This unit has been developed by Skills for Care and Development in Partnership with Awarding Organisations. It is directly relevant to the needs of employers and relates to national occupational standards developed by Skills for Care and Development. As such, the unit may provide evidence for the following national occupational standards in health and social care developed by Skills for Care and Development: Sensory

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