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Boyz in the Hood" is a film that protrays social problems in South Central Los Angeles. Tre, Ricky, and Doughboy are the main characters in this film that grow up together in their neighborhood or as they called it "the hood". All three characters struggle with different internal issues which helps them grow as young men. Tre is a good student who has dreams of furthering his education by going to college. With guidance from his father, Tre learns responsibilty and character. Ricky is an outstanding athlete who is trying to earn a football scholarahip to USC. He feels that sports is his only outlet to greatness. Ricky's brother Doughboy is an all around gangster that associates himself with violence, alcohol, and crime. Doughboy , which means drug dealler, on the contrary maintains a strong sense of pride. Basically, Boyz in the Hood tells the story about life in South Central Los Angeles with the strugle of young black men as they turn to education, give into violence and drugsm and hope high for college. The film starts off with Tre Styles. Tre is very intelligent young student. However it is evident that he encounters disciplinary problems at a young age. His mother makes a decision. She thinks that it would be best for her son to live with his father. Tre's father is a disciplinarian style parent who teaches Tre how to be a man. So moves with his father and begins his new life in South Central L.A.. He reunites with old friends Doughboy and Ricky. Right after they reunite Doughboy is arrested for shoplifting from a local convenience store. 1991 ,seven years later, the three boys lead very different lives. Tre is a high school senior aspiring go to college, Ricky an All-American football player, and Doughboy a crack dealing gangster. During this time Doughboy has just been released from prison and spends most of the time hanging out with his friends

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