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Pascal Desrosiers March 2nd, 2015 Sociology 101 Prof. Finn Social Interaction Online and In Person When I was growing up, my sister’s, cousins and friends would spend the majority of our summer days outside until we heard those magical words “Time to come back inside!!!” Now the only thing we hear today is “Did you get my DM on Facebook or did you get my text??” Since the Internet became so popular back in 1995, we’ve went to a simple chat on AOL to now having hours long conversations on Facebook, Twitter and apps like Tango or What’s App. A lot of people think it makes their lives easier because they do not have to get dressed up and go out with friends to have actual sit down conversations with each other. I believe because of that our children will become more lazy and not motivated because of the fact that they are inside all day using their phones, tablets or computers. Since the early 2000’s we began to see the change in children. Recess in school’s started getting shorter. More technology is being used to help students learn but while it helps students learn it also prevents them from going outside for fresh air. “· Access to and use of computers and the Internet has increased dramatically since the last surveys were conducted—Since 1999, 13% more 8 to 18 year olds have a computer at home (for a total of 86%); an additional 27% have Internet access (for a total of 74%); and 17% more spend over an hour online each day (for a total of 22%)” The Internet is not the only thing from preventing children and teenagers from going outside. Television has always been a main issue because a lot of parent’s just turn on the TV and let their child sit there and watch because it keeps them quiet. Although it seems like a quick fix it is only damaging their minds with images and

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