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SOCIAl INTERACTION IOWA SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. An Empirical Investigation of Self-Attitudes * Application of the "twenty-statement" test. * Self is an interiorization of one's positions in social systems. * The more salient a person's attitude the more readily will it he expressed with a minimum of outer stimulation. * Class, leisure and participation. The Chicago and Iowa Schools of Symbolic Interaction. * The study of human behavior begins with human association. * Characteristics of early interactionist concerns the meaning of symbolic behavior. * Point of divergence between the two schools is methodology. That is humanistic a scientific viewpoints. * Indeterminacy and determinacy, degree to which man’s behavior is free in determined. * Process verses structure The Elements and Structures of Openings * Openings are rudimentary and general activities that must be successfully performed before concerted behavior can proceed. * Study number one and two. Symbolic interaction and generic sociological principles. * Frame of thought that would allow formulation of the principles. * Construction of body of knowledge about human life. * Social level. * Durkheim concluded that one do not directly attend to social processes and relationships but only indicators of them- Social facts. * Alternative- how to human beings co-ordinate their behaviors? * Why don’t you simply go out and observe people constructing openings? Why bother to make audio-video recordings yet it is simply to observe? - It is because of rapidity complexity and variability of such activity and the incapacity of human beings to make accurate complete observations of social facts. Elementary forms of social activity * Based on ability of human beings to note presence and activity of others and intentionally organize their own

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