Social Intelligence Essay

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Man is a rational being. He can reason, understand, discriminate and adjust in every situation. But human being themselves are not all alike. Some are bright, others are dull, some are active, some slow, some learns with a good speed while others remains learning too long. All these individual differences are occurring because of the differences of an individual’s personality and his level of intelligence. The personality and intelligence of a person are interrelated, both are prominent individual differences. PERSONALITY Personality is an “organized system of traits, sentiments, complex and habits (together with interests and abilities) that distinguishes the individual, as we see him, from other individuals.”The term ‘personality ‘has been derived from the Latin word “persona” which means, ‘mask’ (used by actor on the stage). According to the concept of mask, personality was thought to be the effect and influence which the individual wearing a mask lift on audience. The whole nature of the individual is taken up to assess his personality. Layman said- personality is the impression which an individual leaves on other people. We generally talk of a person having a very good personality. But psychologically speaking, no person could designated as having, no personality, each person has a personality, though it differ from individual to individual. McAdams and Pals said- “Personality is an individual’s unique variation on the general evolutionary design for human nature, expressed as a developing pattern of dispositional traits, characteristic adaptations, and integrative life stories, complexly and differentially situated in culture. This definition highlights three distinct levels at which personality can be described: traits, Characteristic adaptations, and life stories. Characteristic adaptations and life

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