Social Injustice Essay

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Orlan Owen Writing 0990-030 14 October 2012 Half cast Ethiopia is one of the large countries in Africa with an estimated population of eighty six million and Eritrea was under Ethiopian colonization for almost 40 years but in 1991 Eritrea separated as one independent country, people of the two countries speak the same language and have the same culture and traditions, however both the countries have different policies and different governmental structure. A sudden conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia started 1997 passed through 2002. The two countries started the conflict because of a small village which is located right at the border between the two countries. The two countries have had many meetings with the interference of the United Nations but they could not reach to a consensus and the result was a four year extreme war which ended up killing about eight thousand soldiers from both sides and many civilians died and displaced from their homes. I know two brothers who died for the two countries. Their father was Ethiopian and their mother was Eritrean and they were living in Eritrea before the conflict but later when one of the brothers encountered a lot of stereotype at school because of being a half cast as a result he decided to live Eritrea and went to Ethiopia. Meanwhile he joined the army in Ethiopia and died during the war in 1999, the same year his brother also died in the conflict. Being half cast was one of the common types of stereotype in East Africa because almost all the neighboring countries have had a border conflict that originated through colonization. I was born in Eritrea, however my father is Ethiopian and my mother is Eritrean, I was raised in Eritrea under my beloved mother. When I started school I was known as an Eritrean student but later in 1996 when I was grade six my mom told me to change my nationality to Ethiopian

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