Social Influences Shaping Behavior

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Social Influences Shaping Behavior From the beginning of our life, the first social influences found belong to the family unit. If your mother, father, brother or sister, families often provide social influences closest any other group. As we grow into independent thinkers and move towards adulthood, these influences can loosen or change, but our families shape our behavior and actions from the beginning. The values , attitudes and morals are all functions of the social structure of the family and can greatly affect what we do and how we do it. For example, families can impose our religious beliefs from the time of early childhood, shaping behaviors accordingly. The attitudes and internal beliefs / mental of a person on a situation, object or concept can greatly influence the behaviors. From simple situations, not harmful, such as the option of not wearing orange because you do not like the color much more destructive attitudes such as racial prejudice, attitudes can lead our thoughts and actions. Social influences can affect human behavior by changing our attitudes. This can be a positive change, as the opening of the beliefs of a close-minded individual to include new options. On the other hand, social influences on attitudes may be negative and include destructive or coercive concepts that lead to bad decisions or behavior, even criminal. Peer pressure is more common in teenage or high school society in which a person or group influences another. Peers, or others close in age, play an important role in the daily life of the teenager, even more than the adolescent’s family. As the adolescent becomes more independent, you can try to break the structure of the family, opening to the influence of friends and peers. Peer pressure comes into play when other teenagers trying to influence another person in social situations. This can be positive, providing a good
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