Social Influences on Behavior Essay

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Social Influences on Behavior Erika Whitacre PSY300 Betsy Ferronato July 7, 2014 Social Influences on Behavior Social psychology is the study of human behavior is response to other people and social situations. Within this study, factors contributing to the shift in behavior when around peers include self concept, social cognition, theory of attribution, social influence, group processes, prejudice and discrimination, interpersonal process, aggression, attitudes, as well as stereotypes. Social psychologists examine how these factors and conditions contribute to the behavior, feelings, thoughts, intentions, and goals of an individual within a group setting (McLeod, 2007). Humans are social by nature and learn through observation as well as instinct. This is apparent through the differences in culture and how that produces difference of opinion, attire, family dynamic and verbal communication. This foundation builds an individuals outlook, principles, and behaviors. These are further compounded by social situations and religious organizations (Clark, 1999-2014). Religious organizations are social groups that congregate with similar beliefs. Groups may place specific regulations in relation to food, sexual conduct, and relationships. These beliefs encourage and prohibit behaviors that are corroborated by religious instruction and relate behavior with reward or penalty (Clark, 1999-2014). Within the parameters of religious organizations two major incidents can be associated with social influences on human behavior, the Salem Witch Trials and the tragedy of Waco, Texas. Both have the aspect of how collective behavior with a religious veil can quickly encompass human behavior with social situations. Each event contains a small group or individual that regulates the dimensions of commitment to the faction and disobedience was met with harsh punishment.

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